Today I'm sharing some of my top favorite kitchen items. As I've spent more time at home this year, I've also spent a lot more time with my kitchen! These items are my favorite & some of our most used in the kitchen!

1. Cutting Boards - This is such a basic one but we probably use our cutting boards more than any other kitchen product/appliance besides our utensils and dishes. We have a plastic set that we can throw in the dishwasher and a bamboo set that we hand wash. Both are so useful and hold up so well with all of our meal and snack preparation. 

2. KitchenAid Mixer - We love to bake so a Kitchen Aid Mixer is a fun tool to have when baking. It makes mixing ingredients a breeze and is an esthetically pleasing appliance to keep on your countertop. Note - KitchenAid makes a ton of attachments for the mixer to help with preparing meals (meat grinder, pasta maker, etc) but we only have the whisk and dough mixer for baking. 

3. Pasta Pot - This pasta pot makes our lives so much easier since it has a strainer built into the lid. No need for a separate piece or need to clean extra pots and pans after dinner. You simply  cook your pasta as normal and once its done, lock the lid onto the pot and pour out the water through the strainer in the lid. So easy!

4. OXO Pop Containers - I love to decant our grocery items once we get home from food shopping. Taking things out of the boxes/bags that they come in and putting them in the pop containers makes my pantry seem so much more organized and seeing the food makes me more likely to eat it. I use the pop containers for a variety of snacks, baking essentials, cereal & pasta. 

5. Silicone Baking Sheets - As mentioned above, we love to bake so these silicone baking mats have been a game changer. They are non stick and reusable making baking treats easy and convenient. We don't need to spray a pan or worry about having foil/parchment paper available. 

What are your must have kitchen products? Always looking for the easiest & most convenient, especially when it comes to the kitchen!


Michelle Paige