Today I'm sharing my favorite items that I purchased/used/wore during 2020. It's a pretty random list, but each of these items either made my life easier or happier so I thought I would round them up!

Hoop Earrings - Being home so much, I haven't had a reason to wear too much jewelry this year, but one item that I continue to love to wear is my hoop earrings. They add a little style & bling to all of my outfits, even if I stay in loungewear all day. I prefer smaller hoops but that's the great part about this style -- the options are endless!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket - I got this blanket for Christmas this year and I'm not sure why I waited so long to get one! It is such a nice large size and it is SO soft. At full price, these blankets are pricy but the quality totally makes it worth the price. Now I'm looking to get a second blanket so Jody & I don't have to steal it from each other on the couch. 

Golden Goose Sneakers (pictured above) - These aren't new for 2020 but they are one of my most worn/only worn pairs of shoes in the year. With not many places to go or people to see, my outings consisted mostly of grocery store runs, walks around the neighborhood or visits to doctor's appointments and these sneakers were the perfect footwear for all of those occasions. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and they just get better with age. 

Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Leggings (pictured above) - When I first found out I was pregnant, I did not think I was going to like anything that went over the belly but these leggings turned out to be my favorite and still are now that I'm 9 months pregnant. They are seamless, soft and SO stretchy and while they do go over the belly, nothing digs into your stomach or makes it uncomfortable. If anything, I think the over the belly style of them makes them more supportive on a growing middle. 

Billie Razor - After seeing almost every blogger that I follow promote the Billie Razor, I decided to try it for myself and I never looked back. This is the only razor that I've tried that has given me zero razor burn. I love that it's only $9 and that razor refills get sent straight to my mailbox so I never have to remember to pick them up at the store anymore.  

Tula Skincare - I was introduced to this skincare brand earlier this year and it quickly became my favorite! My skin can be so sensitive but these products were all gentle on my skin. I stopped using a few products when I found out I was pregnant but am sooo looking forward to starting to use them again. For reference, some of my favorites include the day & night moisturizer, the brightening eye balm, the daily sunscreen and the primer. 

Home Chef Subscription - This one isn't new in 2020 either but it certainly was handy! With the lockdowns & social distancing in place, we spent a LOT more time eating and cooking at home. There were so many nights where we were able to avoid the dreaded 'what's for dinner' question because we had Home Chef recipes in the fridge. I'm especially a fan of the 15 min meals and the oven ready meals. Both require minimal time/effort for a great meal.  

Loopy Phone Case (pictured above) - This phone case is the most clever invention for those of you who are like me and always have your phone in your hand. Instead of a pop socket, these cases come with a loop attached that you slip your finger through to hold your phone steady. Love that this case makes it easy to carry a bunch of items in my hands without worrying that I'm going to drop my phone. Also the cases themselves come in a range of cute prints.

Soma Pajamas - With the rise in loungewear and time spent at home, came the need (ok, the want) for more comfy, cozy pajama sets. Enter Soma who makes soft, stretchy pajamas in a range of cute patterns and styles. I'm a big fan of the 'Cool Nights' Collection which promises that you won't overheat while sleeping. 

Revlon Hairdryer - This is my favorite hair tool of 2020 because of how easy it makes drying and styling my hair post shower. I can literally use this tool to detangle, dry & style all at once. Truly saves so much time and lets me do my hair in 10-15 minutes. I've recommended this hair dryer to every woman I can.

What were your favorite items of last year?


Michelle Paige