TJ's closet has filled up fast with little outfits & there are so many cute baby clothing brands that I have discovered and am loving. Sharing a few of my favorites below!

Angel Dear - I love the fun prints, the soft & stretchy material and the range of styles from lounge sets to footies to rompers. Right now, we have the avocado toast, cookies & dinosaur prints. They come out with new prints every season. I just ordered cars, inchworms & campers for the spring.

Lou Lou & Company - I came across this brand on Instagram and immediately loved it. The outfits are no fuss and come in a huge range of colors & patterns for boys, girls & gender neutral. My first order was 3 of their newborn gowns and they are the softest, stretchiest material!! TJ wore the gowns all the time during his first few weeks of life. Now he is moving into some of their two piece sets which are just as stretchy & soft. I also want to grab a couple of rompers for him for the summer.

Carter's & Old Navy - For budget friendly picks, you can't beat Old Navy or Carter's. They are always having a sale and offer such cute prints & outfits for boys & girls. I just shopped at Carter's yesterday and bought 6 outfits for under $50!

Magnetic Me - Like the name says, these baby clothes have magnetic closures. Talk about easy! You slip baby into them and they snap closed SO easily. This brand runs a little small and is a bit expensive but for the convenience, we've purchased a few of these outfits.

A few learnings from dressing baby boy over the last 3 months: 
  • Zippers are key, especially for overnight changes. We try skip anything that has snaps. 
  • Forget baby gloves & socks. The gloves and socks barely stay on. Instead we opted for footies that had fold over cuffs if we needed to cover his hands. Honestly, TJ ended up hating wearing hats too so I would say skip those as well, but that comes down to your baby's personal preference.  
  • One pieces for life! With a tiny baby, the last thing we wanted to do was dress him in a shirt & pants. Now that he's getting older, it's a little easier to wiggle him into a full outfit but during those first few months, we lived for one piece footies/rompers.
  • Dressing boys is fun! Everyone talks about how adorable & fun baby girls are to dress but dressing a little boy has proven to be lots of fun too - there are so many cute prints that he has been wearing and I can't wear to start putting him in little button downs as he gets older.