Sharing 10 of my travel must haves today. Some for the plane & others for the hotel. 

1. Luggage- this is an obvious one. Every time we travel, we try to only use carry on size luggage so we can keep it with us. Gives me peace of mind & also allows us to get in and out of the airport a lot quicker.

2. Backpack - my personal carry on item is almost always my backpack. It allows me to be hands free but also holds a ton of stuff.

3. Laundry Bag - This is something I have started doing recently and it's been a game changer. We do it one of 2 days; either I bring a plastic bag to hold laundry OR when packing to go home, I split up Jody & my suitcases and I use one for clean clothes that need to be put away and fill the other with dirty clothes. When we get home, I just dump the separated dirty clothes right into the laundry hamper.

4. Blanket Scarf - whether we are traveling somewhere warm or cold, I travel with an oversized scarf to keep me warm on the plane. I also wrap it up into a ball and use as a pillow on the flights.

5. Books - entertainment for the flight and the trip. I love having a good book with me when I travel.

6. Snacks - I load up on snacks for the plane & hotel. There is almost always the offer of a snack, but I like having my own options as well for when I get hungry.

7. Coloring Books - A standard book or movie is great for the plane but sometimes I want something even more mindless to do. Adult coloring books have been a go-to activity on my last couple of flights. It's entertaining but doesn't take a lot of brain power.

8. Sound Machine - At home, we sleep with a sound machine and it has been a game changer in helping me fall asleep. We've been bringing it with us when we travel and I love the piece of home that it feels like I have with me.

9. Sneakers - I almost always wear my chunkiest pair of shoes on the plane to avoid using up space in my suitcase, usually that means I'm wearing a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are also comfortable for walking through the airport or wearing on long travel days.

10. Lysol Wipes - AH, planes are SOOO dirty so yup, I'm that gal who's wiping down everything within reach on the airplane before takeoff. I either bring a travel size pack of wipes or just throw a few in a plastic bag.

What are your travel must haves?

Michelle Paige