My sister & her boyfriend moved into their first apartment recently. Both were coming from living with their parents so unless they were taking things from home, they had to buy just about everything. Rather than buying them a standard housewarming gift like a trinket, I decided to DIY a gift that I knew would come in handy for them.

I first purchased a large garbage can & then filled it with a ton of household & cleaning essentials that I knew they would need as they started their lives in their new apartment. I included items like:
rubber gloves, window cleaner, lysol wipes, dish soap, paper towels, napkins, tissues, a first aid kid, plastic bags, laundry detergent, plastic Tupperware, garbage bags, toilet paper & dishwasher detergent.  They were really excited to open up the garbage can and find that it was filled with essentials.

This is a great gift idea for any one moving into their first home. Another option is to fill a laundry basket or wicker basket with essentials for the home! Trust me, your gift will not go to waste ;)

Michelle Paige