Hair Texture: Wavy, Fine, Flat. My natural color is a medium/dark brown and I have been processing it with color for the last 5 or so years.

Hair Color: I trust my colorist to do what she wants with my blonde. I go in for touch ups approximately every 3 months. In the winter, I will dye my base color but not always add highlights. In the summer, since I like my hair to be brighter, I will double process with the base color & blonde highlights. I've recently started asking for a 'rooted' look, where the highlights don't go all the way to my scalp to allow for a less drastic line  when my natural hair color starts growing in. It's extended my highlight time by a few weeks so I highly recommend it.

Hair Cut: I love having my hair long but hate when it feels weighed down and flat. During my latest haircut, I opted to try a calligraphy cut and love what it did to my hair. The calligraphy tool looks like a small pen and slices your hair at an angle that is supposed to enhance body & movement. The long layers and front angles have allowed me to blow dry and achieve a bouncy, healthy hair look every time.

How often do you wash your hair?
2-3 times a week

Favorite Dry Shampoo:
Klorane without a doubt allows me to go as long as I do without washing. I've tried lots of dry shampoos over the years and I love that this one doesn't make my hair feel sticky or like it's harboring product. Instead, it just feels refreshed.

Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner:
Lately I've been really liking the Garnier Whole Blends lines. They have a ton of shampoos, conditioners & masks for different types of hair.

Favorite Purple Shampoo:
Matrix Total Results So Silver. I use it about once a week.

Hair/Skin/Nails Vitamins:
Nature Made Adult Gummies

What other hair products do you use?
It's a 10 Lite after every shower 
A Wet Brush for detangling after my shower

Favorite Hot Tools:

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Michelle Paige