Dare I say, I miss wedding planning!! It was one of the most fun times in my opinion. I loved all of the details and getting acquainted with a new industry. I learned so much during my year of planning, including lots of new words! Today I'm sharing the ones you need to know when planning a wedding!

Boutonniere: Flower worn by groom & groomsmen on their jacket lapel

Bustle: a way to gather up the train of a wedding gown with snaps, hooks or buttons to make walking and dancing easier. Usually done for the reception

Charger Plate: a larger, decorative plate that is placed underneath the dinner plates. Used as decor only

Escort Cards: Cards that display table arrangements for guests

Groom's Cake: a second cake that is served during the reception or the cake served during the rehearsal dinner that is themed to something that represents the groom

First Look: A private (or non private) moment between the bride & groom prior to the ceremony when they see each other for the first time.

Nosegay: a smaller sized bouquet typically given to the mothers/grandmothers of the bride & groom

Place Cards: Cards that are placed at each seat at a table to let guests know their exact chair

Prelude: Music played prior to the start of the ceremony as guests are arriving.

Processional: the music that the bridal party and bride walk down the aisle to. Signals the start of the ceremony

Recessional: the music that plays after the bride & groom have been announced as husband and wife. Signals the end of the ceremony.

Sweetheart Table: A reception table set for the bride & groom only

Tea Light: small candle used as decor (approximately 1/2 inch)

Toss Bouquet: A replica of the bride's bouquet that is specifically made for tossing to the single female guests

Vendor Meal: A meal given to your vendors during the reception (think photographer, videographer, band members, etc)

Votives: Small candles used as decor (approximately 2 inches)

MOB / FOB - Mother of Bride / Father of Bride

MOG / FOG - Mother of Groom / Father of Groom

SIL / BIL / MIL / FIL - Sister in Law / Brother in Law / Mother in Law / Father in Law

MOH - Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor

STD - Save the Dates

PP: per person

DOC: Day of Coordinator

Have additional terms that I missed? Leave them in the comments & I'll add them to the post.

Michelle Paige