As we enter spring, I've been spring cleaning like crazy. Not only literally cleaning some areas of our home that don't often get cleaned, but also organizing & downsizing. (We've only lived in our apartment for about 6 months but it's amazing how much STUFF we've collected already! ha). Since my closet in our home is definitely smaller than the one in parent's home, I've worked harder to try to create a wardrobe for myself that is super versatile and can easily be mixed and matched - a capsule wardrobe to an extent - and then I add in some additional 'special' pieces. 
See below for 25 must have items for a capsule wardrobe!

 PS. In case you are missing any of these from your current wardrobe, I linked to an example of the item that I am loving!


T Shirt Dress
Maxi Dress
Denim Dress

To be fair, my wardrobe includes all of these items and some days I wear different combinations of what's listed but I also have fun pieces, like printed blouses or a trendy pair of shoes. This post is simply a guide! Start with these items & then add fun pieces or accessories to complete your wardrobe & give you lots and lots of outfit options.

Michelle Paige