My bridal shower was over a month ago & I realized I never got around to sharing photos from it! My sister took the lead on planning with help from my future SIL & my mom & the day turned out perfectly! There were so many cute personalized touches  & it was such a nice afternoon surrounded by our closest friends & family celebrating this next step with Jody & me! 

Look closely & check out how many different hairstyles Jody has had through the years, it's pretty amazing haha!

Jody was supposed to bring me to the shower, hang out for a bit & then leave but he stayed the whole time!!! I think he had a better time than I did ;)

Our hashtag! ( pretty clever right ;) ? )

my favorite photo of the entire day!

Our flower girls!

Rather than your typical bridal shower game, we played the newlywed game! Jody had written his answers to questions down & I had to match them.

One question was: 'What happened to Michelle right before you two met?' Answer: I got pooped on by a seagull! I had gone down to the water to wash off & Jody was a lifeguard at the time. He came over to chat & the rest is history!
If I got a question wrong, I had to chew on a huge piece of bubble gum. By the end of the game I think I was chewing 6 pieces!

My only regret of the day was not getting to eat a piece of cake - I totally missed out!!!

We ended the afternoon opening gifts & boy, people are so generous! We are going to have a ton of decorating to do in our new home! I can't wait!!

Michelle Paige

PS. In case you are wondering, outfit details: