Today I'm reviewing our resort, The Verandah from our vacation to Antigua. Let me start by saying, if you have plans to visit Antigua, STAY HERE. We had a wonderful time, there was so much to do, the food was delicious & the sun was shining everyday (I know this doesn't have to do with the actual resort, but it's the truth!). 

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Rooms: The entire resort was so tropical, so well kept & every corner was beautiful! We stayed in a waterfront suite & the view was everything you thought it would be. We loved waking up, opening the curtains & seeing the beautiful views. The rooms themselves were HUGE. Our bathroom could fit a dance party & consisted of a huge bathtub & 2 sinks which was great for my sister & I to get ready at the same time. We also had 2 beds, a seating area with a pullout couch, chairs & coffee table & a small kitchen. The closet was nice & large to hang all of our clothes. The decor in the room was 'island-ish.' Not the most high tech or updated, but cheerful & in theme with the resort. 

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Activities: The activities at the resort were endless! It is a family friendly resort & there were a LOT of kids around, but the activities really cater to all ages. (One afternoon, my mom and I found my dad & sister playing flip cup! haha). We didn't really feel the need to leave the resort at all since there so many activity options on premise. We did everything from karaoke & trivia to a sailboat ride, kayaking & peddle boating.  The best part was that every activity that the resort offered was included! Sometimes at all inclusive resorts you still have to pay a rental fee for water sports, but not here! It was so great to be able to grab a kayak or paddle board for a bit & then return it whenever you felt like it. 

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Food: The hotel had a buffet restaurant & 2 other restaurants as well as a few beach bars. We ate at the buffet every morning for breakfast & they had a huge selection. For lunch we switched off eating at the buffet & eating at the beach bar - I loved that the beach bars offered nachos all day long & they had the BEST burgers. For dinner, the buffet restaurant offered themed nights (southern, italian, asian, etc). We ate there a few times & also ate at one of the resort restaurants, Nicole's twice. There was another restaurant at the resort, but we didn't eat there, since none of us were too crazy about the menu. If I had to nitpick about things about the resort, I would say they could use ONE more restaurant, however, keep reading below because the Verandah does have a sister resort that you can visit.

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Good to Know about Antigua/Verandah Resort:

- When we arrived, we were easily able to grab a taxi from the airport. The trip was around 20 minutes & we got to see a lot of land, little towns & more open land. It was a really beautiful & easy trip to the resort.

- I mentioned the range of activities above, but have to give a special shout out to the ocean floats at the resort. They had huge trampoline like floats tethered to the ocean floor that people lounged on at all hours of the day. Our family LOVED hanging out on these floats. I'm not sure why more resorts haven't thought of this idea!!

- The fancy restaurant at our hotel, Nicole's (that I mentioned above) does have a $35 per person fee. The food was SO delicious though & the service was so attentive that it was worth the fee in my opinion. My family agreed since we ate there twice during our trip!

- Also mentioned above was that the Verandah has a sister resort. The resort is called the Pineapple & they are right across the street from each other. Pineapple is adults only & while we didn't spend much time at this resort, we did go over for dinner one night. We ate at Pineapple Grill & it was delicious! It was a nice option to be able to make reservations at the other resort & definitely something I would recommend taking advantage of.

- One thing that we read about before we arrived but weren't really aware of was that the resort requires quite a bit of walking.

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Have you visited Antigua or do you have plans to visit? I would love to hear about your experience!

Michelle Paige