We haven't quite gotten hit with spring weather yet but I keep seeing glimpses of it...birds chirping, blue skies....That type of weather has got me thinking about spring colors & light layers. Today I'm sharing 3 light layer options that aren't a cardigan.

1. Bomber Jacket - I wore this blue bomber jacket a few posts back and I loved it. This jacket style is perfect to add some sporty vibes into your outfit. It's casual, cool & a little unexpected compared to a cardigan.

2. Anorak - Like I'm wearing in today's post, these anorak style jackets are effortless but add some style to a basic jeans & tee outfit. I love throwing on this type of jacket in the spring. It's doesn't have the same 'cozy' vibe that a sweater does but it still keeps me warm for those early spring days.

3. Denim Jacket - I usually reserve my denim jacket for the summertime & toss it over my summer dresses but lately I'm been wearing it over sweaters or long sleeve shirt and love the warm that it provides. Something about a denim jacket says warm weather to me so I love the fact that I've found a way to wear to style my denim jacket now.

Jacket: Sanctuary Clothing | Jeans: American Eagle | Tee: American Eagle | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: Gucci

Note, I've been styling all of these jacket styles as a layer to my outfit, not as outerwear! It's not quite warm enough for that!!! Of course this doesn't mean that you shouldn't still wear cardigans. I wore a cardigan 3 out of my 5 works day last week, but it's fun to have some alternate layering options as we transition to spring!

Michelle Paige