I was looking through my Instagram & recent blog posts this past weekend & thought 'boy, I have been wearing a lot of jeans lately.' (Don't worry, I'm finally letting my legs see some daylight tomorrow & will be sharing a dress on my blog!)  Partly, I think you've been seeing jeans non stop because the weather has been freezing and my legs can't handle being exposed, but I also I loooove wearing jeans! You may or may not be surprised to find out that I purchase my jeans almost exclusively from American Eagle. I have tried brand after brand over the years & nothing fits as good as AEO jeans. Check out some of my favorite pairs & how I style them below.

Wearing: Denim Skinny Jean (Shade: Rich Ink)
Seen With: Spring Print MixingSweatshirt & Heels, & Timeless Accessories

Wearing: Jegging (shade: Bright Ultramarine)
Seen With: Fall StaplesSweater & Sneakers, Closet Staples & Summer Tunic

steve madden snake print loafers
Wearing: Knit Jegging (shade: Onyx Black)
Seen With: Cozy LayersOff the Shoulder Florals & Monochromatic Black

Wearing: Midi Short (also love Tomgirl Shorts)

Wearing: Denim Jegging (shade: Destroyed Slate)
Seen With: Double DenimGraphic Tee & Statement Coat

Anyone else out there share my obsession with AEO jeans? Or maybe you have an obsession with another brand? If so, let me know what it is so I can try it out!

Michelle Paige

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