A couple of weeks ago, I shared a short hair braided style tutorial.  The style all started with my Goody hairbrush from Walmart which not only does the job of detangling like a regular brush, but also massages the scalp & adds shine thanks to its copper bristles.

I have loved using this brush for the last couple of weeks and think it really has made my hair look extra shiny.  Today I am showing off a sleek half up look for the holidays to help really show off that shiny hair. This hair style is SO easy to do & took me less than 3 minutes from start to finish!

1. Start by brushing out your hair with your Goody Hairbrush.  Begin splitting your hair into four section: left side, right side, top back & bottom back.  Keep hair from the sides loose for later. Then create a sleek smooth half-up ponytail using the top section of the hair.  I like to tease it a bit at well at the crown so it doesn't look too flat!

2. Twist one side section back towards your ponytail.  Wrap the hair OVER & around your hair tie & secure with a bobby pin underneath so the ends of your hair are hidden underneath.  Repeat on the other side wrapping this piece of hair the opposite way over your hair tie.

3. If needed, massage the twisted hair over your hair tie a bit to fully cover your hair tie & secure any longer pieces underneath the ponytail with extra bobby pins.  Spray any fly-aways with hairspray to keep your 'do looking good all day!

Easy, right?!  Enjoy!

Michelle Paige

This post is done in partnership with Goody Hair & Acorn Influence.  All thoughts/opinions are my own.