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shades of pink fall outfit

I rarely wear my glasses during the week, but certain outfits just look 10x better with glasses! I love the way a pair of eyeglasses can change up your entire look.  It is important when wearing glasses that you alter your makeup routine to enhance your eyes behind your specs.  Read on for a few glasses makeup tips...

black outfit with pops of pink

cotton on felt hat

I know lots of people equate wearing glasses to not having to wear makeup.  But on days when I'm wearing my glasses, I always make a few simple changes to upgrade my routine:

1. Focus on under eye circles. Many mornings when I am in a rush, I simply dab concealer around my nose and chin area where my skin tone is uneven, but when I am wearing glasses, I spend extra time with my concealer focusing on any dark shadows under my eyes.  Bright eyes look way better behind a pair of frames.

2. Curl those lashes. I don't really like defining my eyes with eyeliner but I do wear mascara everyday, and most days I layer on quite a few coats to make my eyes pop.  When wearing glasses, I go the extra step and curl my lashes before applying my mascara to really make them pop and define each lash.  

3. Add some sparkle. During the week, I usually skip eye shadow all together but when wearing my glasses, I add a dot of sparkly champagne shadow in the corners of my eyes.  This not only brightens them up, but makes them look bigger overall. Plus - a light shade is flattering on all skin tones.

BONUS: Accessorize.  Glasses themselves are an accessory so make sure to add other accessories wisely, but I do think that adding some fun statement earrings or a colorful statement necklace helps to draw eyes to your face.  I love the statement necklace I am wearing today; the floral and pink color are both so pretty!

alta chic statement necklace

Rather than wearing a colored top with my black leather jacket, I decided to flip this look and wear an all black look with a colored leather jacket for a bit of unexpectedness.  My leopard flats added the perfect touch of pattern.

black and pink fall outfit
Jacket: BlankNYC | Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: American Eagle | Hat: Cotton On (similar) | Flats: Louise et Cie | Glasses: Michael Kors | Jewelry: c/o Alta Chic USA

Michelle Paige