Sweatshirt: Phillip Lim for Target (similar, Peter Pilotto for Target) |  Skirt: Zara |  Boots: Hunter

Another rainy day, another pair of rain boots...but on the bright side, it's Friday! 
While taking these photos, J teased "you look so cute today! When are you going to stop dressing like a kid?" 
I enjoy getting putting together outfits, almost, every morning (except for those occasional days when nothing fits, or nothing looks good, or everything is in the laundry...but everyone has those days, right???).  I dress based on how I feel that day & what vibe I want to give off to the world.  Some days, I dress super casual, other days I enjoy a bit of edge in my outfits & yet there are days when I am a bit more dressy or feminine. It all depends on my mood.  I enjoy all black attire, while other times, I can't get enough color.  SO my answer to when my style will "grow up?"  Never. :) 

Michelle Paige