Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle Paige & this is my pa(i)ge. I intend to use this blog to showcase my personal style, life adventures, & anything that I happen to find extra interesting. 

To start, here's 25 Facts About Me..

1. I am 23.

2. I spend my days working in the TV industry, which is fun, fast paced & totally interesting.

3. I graduated with a degree in Business Management, knowing I wanted to work in media.

4. I've lived in New York my entire life & plan to stay here for a while longer.

5. I have one younger sister; I always want the best for her & consider her my best friend.

6. My favorite color is yellow.  I love to look at it; I love to wear it.  It makes me happy.

7. During the summer, I love & spend all my free time at the beach.  

8. During the winter, I love & spend all my time watching hockey & attending games. Go Rangers!

9. I know more celebrity gossip than any normal person should.  

10. My favorite TV show's are Glee, Scandal,  & Breaking Bad.

11. My favorite movies of all time are Beauty & The Beast, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, & Miracle. Random, right?

12. When it comes to food, I'm the most picky person.  If I've never tried something, I automatically assume I don't like it.

13. I cry whenever I need to express emotion.  Happy, sad, angry, etc.

14. I wish that I was fluent in Portuguese.  I'm not sure that I would have any real use for it, it would just be really cool.

15. French fries are one of my biggest weaknesses. I have no self control when they're around.

16. With that being said, I love fast food. McDonald's being my favorite.

17. I am the worst morning person EVER. My ideal day begins around 1pm.

18. Top 40 pop music will always be my guilty pleasure.

19.  I have a lot of fears.  There's always a lot of things I want to do; this blog is one of them!

20. I flinch every time someone steps over the dreaded 'yellow line' while waiting for the train/subway.

21. You can find me wearing 3-7 bracelets, daily.

21. I eat a piece (or two) of candy almost every day.

23. I love to bake; I wish I made more time for it.

24. I love shoes.  On myself & on others.  A good shoe can make or break an outfit.

25. I don't have a celebrity crush.  Just a crush on my handsome guy (photographer for this blog!)