In the spirit of my recent trip to Toronto (a full city guide coming next week!), I have travel on the brain & am already thinking about where I can travel to next (definitely somewhere sunny & warm this time!). Today I'm sharing the must have items to have in your carry on bag! Let me know if I forgot any!

Michelle Paige

1. Passport - If you only bring one thing, make it your passport. Okay, and your boarding pass! You can't fly anywhere without these!
2. Phone - Of course, you also don't want to forget your phone. I recommend bringing along a portable charger so that you are never without power.
3. Wallet/Cash - Rather than carrying a huge envelope wallet while I travel, I bring this mini wallet. It hold everything I need & is super cute!
4. Water Bottle/Snacks - I love that this Swell water bottle keeps my water cold throughout my entire flight. I always bring along a bunch of little snacks to munch on as well.

5. Magazines/Book - I won't fly without all of the latest magazines issues and a bunch of books loaded onto my Kindle. (If you are in need of a good read, check out this post!)
6. Headphones - Don't be like me. I forgot my headphones for my last flight so I had to watch TV without sound! Usually I like earbuds, but headphones are great for the plane since they cancel out some of the noise around you.

7. Facial Spray - My skin gets so dry during flights so I always bring along a small bottle of Evian spray to refresh my skin before, during and after my flight.
8. Brushees c/o - These have been life changing! I now carry a few everywhere I go: date nights, work days, traveling. Whenever I need to freshen up my breathe, I whip out one of these disposable toothbrushes! These are also great space savers while traveling since it's a tooth pick, floss & pasted toothbrush all in one.
9. Lip Balm - As with the facial spray, I love to keep my lips moisturized with lip balm during a dry flight.

10. Cozy Wrap - Am I the only one who always ends up freezing on the plane? Even when I am traveling somewhere warm, I bring some type of cozy wrap or scarf on the plane with me. I use it as a blanket 
11. Socks/Slippers - There's nothing I love more than feeling comfy during my flight. I love to curl up in my wrap with a good book. Cozy socks are always a must to really help me settle in.
12. Sleep Mask - Car, train, plane...If I'm in it long enough, I'm almost guaranteed to fall asleep. A sleep mask helps me fall asleep and stay asleep while traveling!