While I am thrilled for the return of warm weather & beach days, heading to the beach in a bikini for the first time of the season can be daunting no matter your shape or size, especially after a long, food-filled, sweater-wearing winter.  On the bright side, it also means tan skin, longer, more relaxing days & an excuse to buy new swimsuits that make you look & feel your best!  Today I am sharing a few ways that help me to feel more confident when I am wearing my swimsuit...

Wear your favorite color.  Shades of blue have always looked flattering on my skin tone so many times when I am shopping for bathing suits, I end up with a shade in some type of blue.  Wearing a suit in shade that I know looks good on me, helps me to feel more confident when stepping out in public.  For my sister, who gets much tanner than I do, bright neon shades are super flattering.

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When in doubt, opt for a black bikini.  Just like a little black dress, a black swimsuit is always flattering & always in style.

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Wear a suit with details that enhance your shape.  For me, ruffles and patterns make a huge different in how I feel in my suits since they help me fake the look of curves on my boyish shape.  A bikini style that looks great on many body types is one that is adjustable, as shown above. The adjustable ties on your top and bottom make this suit style wearable by many sizes and allow you to comfortably alter a generic S, M or L suit to fit your body perfectly.

Take extra care of your body. In the weeks leading up to my trip, I made sure to really push myself to get those workouts in & be mindful of what I was eating.  I didn't starve myself, but when the dessert options were a cupcake or a fruit cup, I opted for the fruit cup.  I also used a self tanner to give my skin a nice glow before even heading out into the sun. (It truly makes all the difference!)

Don't forget your smile.  Even if you have to fake it at first, put a smile on your face & strut your stuff down that beach.  People will be too busy noticing how much fun you're having to notice any body imperfections!

I hope these tips help you boost your confidence to rock that bathing suit this summer!

Michelle Paige

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