In honor of the New Year, I thought it was time to give you all the chance to learn a bit more about me.  My very first blog post included some fun facts about me & now, here's a few more...

 1. I love fast food.  The ideal place would have burgers from Burger King, nuggets from Wendy’s & fries from McDonalds.

2. I am super Type A.  I love to be in control & have things planned out. 

3. When I’m hungry, I’m cranky, so, I munch on snacks pretty much all day.

4. I'm the pickiest eater. If I've never tried something, I usually automatically assume that I don’t like it.

5. I am the worst morning person. My ideal day begins around noon.    

6. I’m a lefty!

7. I pride myself on my stellar grammar skills.

8. My two front teeth are veneers.  I randomly fainted one morning in college – face first apparently.

9. Breakfast food is the best kind of food.

10. Some people say I have a Long Island accent. I’m OK with it.

11.   I hate the winter & cold weather, but the four seasons are part of the reason I love New York so much.

12.   I can’t stand clutter.  Everything in my room has a place.
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13. I carry a pair of socks in my bag with me everywhere I go.
See more of what I carry here.

14. I love the look of a classic red lip & a classic red nail.

15. I have the number 15 in Roman Numerals tattooed on my foot.  It's my favorite & lucky number, so obviously I think the year 2015 is going to be the best one ever!

16. I flinch & look away every time I see someone step towards the ‘yellow line’ on the train platform.

17. I LOVE the sport of hockey.  Not playing, just watching & screaming at the TV ;)
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18. I cry to release every emotion – happy, sad, scared.  You name it

19.   I've had glasses since fourth grade.  Back then, I thought getting them was the coolest thing.

20.   My middle name is Paige, hence the blog's title Michelle’s Pa(i)ge.

Tell me a fun fact about you! I would love to get to know the blog's readers a bit more :)
Enjoy your first weekends of 2015!

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