piperlime moments of chic outfit

tinley road blue pants

primary colors outfit

kate spade yellow bag

stateside gray v neck t shirt

sjp x nordstrom red pumps

soft maya pant tinley road

tinley road blue trousers

kate spade yellow clutch

sjp lady pumps
Shirt: Stateside c/o | Pants: Tinley Road c/o | Shoes: SJP x Nordstrom | Bag: Kate Spade (similar) | Jewelry: Francesca's (love this), Michael Kors, C Wonder, Coordinates Collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nomination

I feel like come wintertime, it becomes more normal to see people walking around in outfits with darker color palettes; during cold days, everyone's top priority is to stay warm, and for some reason, that means shying away from the happy, bright colors that we spend all spring and summer in.  I, on the other hand, am a full believer that just because the trees are bare and brown doesn't mean your wardrobe should be! The winter time is the perfect time to insert some bright colors in your look & lift your own spirits as well as everyone's around you.    

I'll be honest, I originally started to pair these fantastic slouchy trousers with black heels & a black clutch, but then looked in the mirror and felt so boring.  Pairing the cobalt pants with other primary colors made my look feel so much fun and more spontaneous.  Keeping it simple on top with the softest gray tee EVER, the pants and clashing accessories were given the chance to be a showstopper. 

What do you think of bright colors in the winter?

Michelle Paige