I am so excited to formally announce my blog's new look! 
(Side note: How gorgeous is it!? I'm obsessed!)

The design that I launched the blog with was completely simple, newbie friendly & crafted using widgets I found around the Internet.  

Since blogging seems to be one of the few hobbies that I'm actually sticking with, I thought it was time for an upgrade!

I came across Shabby Creations & could not have been more pleased with how flexible, quick & easy Michelle, the designer, was to work with!  She made me feel informed & comfortable with my decisions during the entire process & was willing to make revises for me on anything that I felt unsure about!

Michelle's Pa(i)ge before - simple, generic, DIY

Michelle's Pa(i)ge after - streamlined, girly, professional

Welcome to the new, improved & much prettier Michelle's Pa(i)ge!

What do you think???