This week I'm loving...

Favorite Photos: The epitome of food art.  Miniature people standing on foods.  
My favorite is the avocado half-pipe!

Favorite Accessory: Scrabble Jewelry necklace (Available at Macy's)

Favorite Mother/Daughter Project: This 4 year old designer-to-be & her mother make stunning dresses made of construction paper & tape! Read more about the duo here & follow them on Instagram at 2sisters_angie or search #fashionbymayhem.  Below are a few of my favorite designs!

Favorite Throwback: Once a Type A Fashionista, Always a Type A Fashionista. 
(via Instagram @michelle_orsi)
(picking out outfits circa 1994; picking out outfits circa 2014.)

Favorite Inspiration: This poem that went viral.  Make sure you read it both ways!