I can't believe Tanner is 8 months old. Someone recently said he's closer to one than he is to being a newborn and that made me nostalgic. Time is going so fast but also he gets more active & more fun every week.  Sharing some of our top used items during months 4-6. It's been fun doing these every 3 months and seeing how they change.

1. Hello Bello Diapers - We absolutely love this diaper subscription and I can't remember the last time I actually purchased diapers in a store! I love that these diapers are made with more gentle/natural ingredients, come in the cutest prints and get delivered right to my door every month. 

2. Love To Dream Transitional Swaddle,  Zip-a-Dee-Zip Sleep Sack - When Tanner started rolling over, I was excited for him since it's a major milestone but I also got so nervous about interrupting his bedtime routine. Now that he was rolling, he could no longer be swaddled to sleep. We immediately moved him into the love to dream transitional swaddles. He sleeps the first few nights with one arm out and once he masters that, you take the other arm out. He did great with one arm out but still had a bit of a startle reflex so we tried the Zip-a-Dee-Zip sleep sack which looks like a starfish shape and allows baby to move their arms and legs but still keeps them secure in the sack so limit the startle from waking him up. We used that sack for about a month before we were able to transition him to an arms out sleep sack. 

3. Skiphop Bathtub - We registered for the Stokke bath tub but ended up getting the Skiphop bath when we went on vacation and liked it even more for Tanner at this age. It has a mesh cradle for him to relax in and I think he was more comfortable lounging in this tub than the other one we owned. 

4. Lovevery Play Kits - These play kits have been so much fun for Tanner and so useful to me by providing ways to play with your baby at certain ages and ways to help them build their skills. Everything is Montessori based and has no lights or synthetic sounds. 

5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer - When Tanner was first born, I didn't understand the hype around this bouncer but as he got older and more alert, it became an essential to us. He loves lounging in it and watching us around the house. This summer we brought it to the beach a few times and it was a great place to dock him in the shade. 

5. Earth Mama Products - This brand has been a staple in our bathtime/diaper change routines since Tanner was born and I love how gentle it is on his skin. I swear by the diaper balm & knock wood, Tanner has yet to have a diaper rash!

6. Angel Dear Footies - I absolutely adore the Angel Dear brand. Their footie PJs are so stretchy and soft and come in such cute prints. 

7. Mockingbird Stroller - Researching strollers can be so overwhelming since there are sooo many on the market. We chose the Mockingbird & have loved everything about it since it arrived. It is similar to the Uppababy but a fraction of the price. You can purchase a bunch of accessories for it to make it work for your family. We currently have Tanner in the 'toddler seat,' but also purchased the bassinet attachment for when he was a newborn. We love the flexibility to reposition the seats for 1 or 2 babies and the oversized storage basket. 

8. Bumpkin Bibs - Since Tanner started food at 4 months old, these rinsable, washable bibs have been key. They come in a bunch of colors/patterns & are machine washable.

9. 4Moms Pack n Play - We road tripped to the beach a ton this summer so having the pack n play was key for Tanner to sleep in. We found that the mattress that comes with the pack n play (and with all of them really) is pretty thin and hard. We ended up ordered the Hiccapop mattress to insert into the pack n play and immediately Tanner started sleeping great. It was firm but so much more comfortable and similar to his crib mattress. 

10. Skiphop Activity Center - As soon as Tanner could hold his head up, he wanted to be standing! This activity center became one of his favorite places to play and has kept him busy for several minutes at a time which has been great for me ;). It comes with a handful of suction cup toys but we also bought a fun extra ones on Amazon so we could switch them in and out to keep him interested.

Some items from his newborn days are still essentials to this day! The Nanit monitor, the Doona, Dr. Brown's Bottles, the Lovevery Play Mat & my TwelveLittle diaper bag are all still used on a daily basis and continue to be some of our favorites but I wanted to highlight some new products that we used during these last few months.


Michelle Paige