Tanner is 5 months now and getting more fun everyday but also growing so fast & getting so interested in the world around him; I can hardly believe it! I thought I would share some of our most used items from his first 3 months of life. 

1. Doona Car Seat/Stroller - This car seat/stroller is an all-in-one game changer. It was one of the more expensive items that we registered for but it is SO worth it. PROs: The Doona is super safe infant car seat that has wheels and pops up into a stroller. It leaves our trunk free as well as our arms. Super easy to transform from car seat mode to stroller mode and compact enough to fit down the aisle of an airplane! CONs: No storage so this stroller doesn't really work as your only stroller. Also it's much heavier than your typical car seat because of the wheels. But remember, you don't have to lug it for long - just in and out of the car!

2. Nanit Monitor & Owlet Sock - We have used both of these from the day Tanner came home. I read some mixed reviews on the Owlet but it has worked so well for us and we love the peace of mind that we get when we see Tanner's oxygen and heart rates while he is sleeping. The Nanit has been great as well. It connects via Wifi and can be watched via an app so even when I'm not home, I can peek on Tanner while he is napping. The Nanit also comes with insights that track Tanner's sleep habits for the first year. 

3. Boppy Pillow - We loved this pillow in the early baby days. It provided extra cushion for us and family members while holding our newborn baby. It also raised Tanner up a bit from your lap so he was closer for cuddles.

4. Burt's Bees Burp Cloths & Touched by Nature Bibs - Babies spit up a lot so bibs & burp cloths are a must have for the first few months. I learned this quickly and stocked up on Burt's Bees burp cloths & Touched by Nature bibs. Both are organic and the bibs have the cutest puns on them. We have almost all of the collections now!

5. Boppy Lounger - This was the perfect docking station for Tanner when we needed to give our arms a break. Tanner seemed to prefer this lounger over the Snuggle Me since the Boppy props his head up a bit higher so he could look around. 

6. Lou Lou & Company GownsTarget 'Cloud Island' Footies - I had heard a ton about zipper footies when babies are little but gowns are so underrated and so awesome. We ordered a handful of Lou Lou & Company newborn gowns for Tanner. They were SO soft and so easy to change him in. We also love zipper footies, especially Cloud Island which unzip from the foot, also for super easy diaper changes. 

7. Lovevery Play Mat - From day 1, we've been big on floor time. It's the best way for baby to explore, get strong and prepare for crawling & sitting. The Lovevery Play Mat comes with a mat & play gym that's easy on the eyes and a booklet that gives you tons of ideas for how to use it to play with your baby depending on their age. 

8. Nail Filer - Tanner's nails were so sharp when he was first born. This nail filer took the anxiety out of clipping his tiny fingers while cutting his nails. Instead we just file them shorter & smooth.

9. Halo Bassinet w/ Newborn Insert - After a few sleepless weeks, we borrowed a halo bassinet from friends. I purchased the newborn insert that went with it and almost immediately Tanner started sleeping better. I think he enjoyed being up against the mesh from the insert and found it to be comforting. Definitely purchasing a Halo bassinet for our next child!

10. TwelveLittle Diaper Bag -  I chose to get a backpack to be hands free & then chose the leopard print bc how could I resist? I love how lightweight this bag is. The straps are also padded so they are super comfortable and there are tons of pockets on the inside & outside of the bag. I carry diapers, wipes, toys, extra outfits, a blanket, bottles, formula + all my own personal items when we go out. 

11. Baby K'Tan Wrap - Baby wearing is the sweetest way to keep baby close and allow yourself to be hands free in the early days. When Tanner was fussy or wouldn't nap, put him in the wrap and he was comforted instantly. As he got heavier, this wrap got more difficult to wear but I love how easy it was so use as a new & tired mom.

12. Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer - Tanner is formula fed and took a liking to the ready-to-feed formula. While a bottle warmer was not on my registry, as we made more bottles and stood in the kitchen at 1am, 4am, and 7am and so on waiting 6 minutes for the bottle to heat in a cup of hot water, it became evident that it was going to be worth it to us to splurge on a bottle warmer. This warmer heats bottles in half the time using steam heat. It is so easy to use and those 3 minutes saved are so worth it.

13. Soothie Pacifier - These are the only pacifiers Tanner will take. Simple as that.

14. Dr. Brown's Bottles - Similar to the pacifier, these are the only bottles that Tanner likes. We like them too since the vent inside it supposed to help with air bubbles/spit up. More parts to clean but hopefully less outfits to wash...