If you're an avid shopper like I am than you probably can relate to that feeling of constantly needing to clean out your closet. It seems like I'm cleaning out every season & organizing it all the time but I'm not just throwing things away when do a major cleaning haul. I've come up with 3 go-to places to give my items a new home once I purge them.

1. ThredUp. I send many of my items that deserve a second home to ThredUp, an online thrift shop. It's the easiest way I've found to buy & sell secondhand clothing & accessories. To sell items, you simply order a 'clean out kit' and ThredUp will mail you a large donation bag to fill and send back to them. They examine all of your clothes, photograph them and post them on the website. (They only resell the best of best - items must be in style & in great condition, everything else they donate on your behalf.) Once an item sells to its second home, you get paid a percentage of the sale. 

2. Poshmark. Some items that I choose to part with, I choose to sell myself via Poshmark. On this website/app, you can create your own account and photograph/post your own items for sale. You are in complete control of the pricing, descriptions & selling - it's a bit more work, but I've found that you are able to make more money using this site. In this case, once you make a sale, Poshmark takes a percentage of the sale. You can shop my closet by following me at MPO715.

3. Donate to your local church. If I don't plan to resell my items via ThredUp or PoshMark, I choose to donate them to a local church. I like knowing that items are being donated to local residents who need the clothing or shoes. This method is made super easy too - most churches near my home have large bins to drop off your items.

What do you do with your items once you clean out your closet?

Michelle Paige