1. Kristin Ess Temporary Tint -- I talked about this on Instagram Stories recently (if you missed it, check out the story in my highlights @michelle_orsi). Since our wedding over the summer, I had really wanted to dye my hair pink! I just loved the idea of rose gold hair & even asked my colorist to give me a pink glaze but unfortunately, it didn't really take. Two people recommended the Kristin Ess Temporary Tint to me and I figured I would give it a shot - the worst that could happen was that the color wouldn't take again, but guess what?! It took (see photo above)! I was left with rosy, pink tones in my hair & I lovvvved it! The tint comes as a spray & was easy to apply. It lasted about 2 washes before my blonde was totally back to normal. Can't recommend this product enough & now I have the urge to try all of Kristin Ess' products.
Shop: Temporary Tint in Rose Gold

2. Honey Extension -- I'm obsessed with this internet plug in. I have it added to my Google Chrome browser & basically, it works like this - go about your online shopping as you normally would. As you are finishing your order, a Honey pop up will appear asking if you want to check for coupons. Duh! Of course you do. Honey will automatically comb through all of the coupon codes available to help you find the best deal.
If you aren't ready to check out, you can also add items to your 'drop list.' Honey will watch your items for 60 days & if the price of your item goes down at all, Honey will alert you so you can get the best, lowest price available!
As you use Honey for your purchases, you start to collect Honey Gold. Watch it build up over time & then redeem it for gift cards to your favorite stores!
Sign up for Honey here to start saving!

3. Feetures Socks -- I've been wearing these socks with my sneakers lately and love that they are not only no show but also so comfy. They have arch support & a heel cushion so they are comofrtable with a range of shoe styles & don't slip off your foot.
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4. TV Shows -- I'm a big TV watcher. I love loading up my DVR with lots of shows to veg out on at night. Right now, some of my favorite dramas include This is Us, Manifest, A Million Little Things & The Rookie. I also love easy sitcoms like I Feel Bad, Single Parents & Speechless & don't get me started on game shows: Match Game, Ellen's Game of Games, Titan Games. I love them all. Oh & we can't forget about the Bachelor!! What's on your DVR lately that I should be watching?

5. Home Chef -- I have talked extensively about Home Chef on my Instagram Stories lately; I can't help it - we are obsessed! Home Chef is a meal delivery service & it has made deciding what to make for lunches & dinners so easy! We opt to get 3 meals per week but can skip any weeks where we don't like the menu options available (this week we got steak sandwiches, chicken & goat cheese grain bowls & baked rigatoni with meatballs, seen above). The meals themselves are average in terms in nutrition (by that I mean, they aren't necessarily low carb or low fat) but they are delicious and SO convenient. 
To try Home Chef & get $30 off your first meal box, sign up here!

Michelle Paige