We are moving!!! Ah - this is by far the biggest change/adjustment we will be making this year and we are so excited/nervous/busy getting our new apartment all set up so we can officially move in!

A little back story -- we closed on our apartment less than a month before our wedding & while it was very exciting, I had to put it on the back burner until the wedding was done so that I could keep my sanity haha! Since the wedding chapter has closed, we have been working hard on getting our apartment all set to live in! Luckily, the place was left in really good shape, so with the exception of some new paint & some upgrades to the bathroom, it's pretty much move in ready. The trickiest part is that we are both coming from living with our parents so we don't have much to bring besides our clothes. It feels like every hour we have free is spent shopping for furniture right now! 

Please share your favorite furniture & home stores so I can check them out! 
We are on the hunt for literally everything :)

Michelle Paige

PS. If you're interested, I'll be sharing an empty home tour & 'before' photos of our apartment! As rooms get finished, I'll share room tours as well!