Our wedding is only a couple of days away but today I'm reliving my bachelorette weekend & sharing our itinerary for our weekend in East Hampton/Montauk!

FRIDAY: Everyone arrived Friday night & we decorated the house (my family owns a house out east on Long Island & they were lucky enough to let me use it for the weekend so we didn't have to find a hotel or AirBnB to stay at), we unpacked & had a game night! We played games like What do you Meme & Never Have I Ever, ate cake, drank wine & took lots of silly photos! It was nice to relax after a long drive & games worked as great ice breakers for the gals who had never met before!

Sunnies via Amazon (under $10) | Towels via Etsy 

SATURDAY: We had thought about visiting a winery (Channing's Daughters or Duck Walk Vineyards for those interested) on Saturday morning but the weather was so beautiful we decided to hit the beach for the day! My friends dressed in black while I wore a white bikini & we spent the day playing beach games, taking photos & tanning. For the beach, I gifted everyone with an adorable striped towel & heart sunglasses! 
 For lunch, we ordered sandwiches from Luigi's Italian Deli and ate on the beach. They made it super easy to place & pick up an order.

For dinner, we ate at Swallow East. It's a cute little spot on the water in Montauk that serves small plates that are perfect for sharing. I spoke with the manager prior to our visit & he was SO accommodating for our large table; he helped me choose a great menu & we actually over ordered because the food just kept coming & by the end, we were stuffed! I recommend the asparagus fries & the fish tacos - yum!
(Other restaurants we considered: Harvest at Fort Pond, Grey Lady, Moby's)

 We finished the night out in Montauk at Sloppy Tuna. It's definitely has more of a college bar type of vibe with lots of sweaty people drinking & dancing (just being honest). I don't think I would make a habit of visiting this place on the norm but it was SO much fun for my Bachelorette weekend with all of my girlfriends. We had so much fun laughing, taking photos & dancing together! 
I wore the most obnoxious full sequin t-shirt dress and I have to say, it was my favorite outfit of the weekend! It also got us lots of attention that we were there for a celebration which was fun!
(Bars we also considered: The Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyers)

SUNDAY: Sunday morning we started with brunch at Wolffer Kitchen in Amagansett. Maybe I just love brunch food, but this was my favorite meal of the entire weekend. The Wolffer Kitchen restaurant is owned by the same company who own Wolffer Vineyard, so they have a huge selection of drinks & ciders. I opted for some fresh squeezed OJ though :) I have a feeling nothing on the menu is bad, but I would recommend the lobster roll, the french toast or the eggs benedict. All 3 were delish & yes, I ate parts of 3 meals!

After brunch, we decided to do some shopping in Amagansett Square & in East Hampton. We walked into stores like Tory Burch, J Crew, Obligato & Jimmy Choo! I actually bought my wedding shoes during our trip to one of the stores ;) It was a fun way to spend the afternoon & see some different parts of East Hampton.

For dinner on Sunday, we went to an Italian restaurant called Serafina in East Hampton! I had eaten here before with my family, but it was fun to go back with my friends. The food was delicious and again, at the end of the meal, we were stuffed! I recommend the bruschetta & the lobster ravioli (they are shaped like hearts!)


On Saturday night, we didn't have too much trouble getting to Montauk via Uber but when we wanted to get home, Uber prices were surging and it took us a while to find a taxi that 1. could fit all of us & 2. was willing to leave town to take us back to our house.

Venmo was key during the weekend. We didn't have to split checks or cause any sort of confusion when we went out. One person would pay the bill & the others would simply Venmo the money to that person. I highly recommend it for a large group!

Reservations are key! If you plan to go out to eat with a large group, I highly recommend making reservations. I can't think of a single restaurant that would have taken us as walk in's since we were a group of 10. If you're a large group like we were, or celebrating an occasion, I recommend calling and speaking to a manager ahead of arriving. Everyone I spoke to was so accommodating which was great!

Overall, it was such a fun weekend & while 10 people sounds like a lot, everyone got along so well & I think the relaxed itinerary worked to our advantage!

Michelle Paige

PS. Shout out to my sister for all her hard work planning the weekend & my friends for all the goodies brought with them and the fun surprises they planned!