Let's talk heels today. They look AMAZING but wearing them for long periods of time can be SO uncomfortable. We ladies suffer through the pain while wearing them and hobble around for days after letting our feet recover, but what if I told you, you could avoid all the pain and just be left with the beauty that is a high heel shoe? Read on for 3 tricks to lasting all day in heels. 

1. Opt for a chunky heel. This one may seem obvious, but anytime I have the option between a stiletto and a chunky heel, I opt for the chunky heel. They give you more leg to stand on, literally, making it easier to balance, walk and stand for long periods of time.

2. Ankle straps. Another must have for heels I purchase? Ankle straps! A heel with a strap that wraps around your foot or ankle provides much more support than a classic pump, again making it easier to walk and stand for long periods of time. 

3. Still Standing spray. OK, this is the REAL secret. I came across this spray right before I had a bunch of events coming up & decided it would be a good time to test it before my own wedding! I first used Still Standing for a wedding that I was attending. I was wearing a new pair of shoes & loaded up on band aids in my clutch & even brought a pair of flats, just in case. I sprayed the tops, bottoms, sides of my feet and ankles and then put my shoes on. I lasted ALL night, NO pain & I put them to the test with lots of dancing.  I didn't feel anything. 
Take 2 - I sprayed my feet & ankles again before my bridal shower. Again, new shoes, worn for hours - NO pain & even better, NO blisters. I swear I could have ran a marathon in my shoes. It was like my feet were in sneakers. I'm not really sure what their secret is, because this product is natural and drug-free, but it really works. You can learn more about Still Standing spray here & order a bottle here
PS. Still Standing was kind enough to send me some bottles of spray, but I found this spray on my own on Amazon & planned to share it with you all whether the brand had reached out or not. It was just lucky that a brand I love wanted to partner :) 

I love that these orange sandals from Ego Shoes (under $50!) include both the chunky heel & the ankle wrap. I simply sprayed my feet with Still Standing before leaving my house & I was ready to go for hours! I loved this look! The bright accessories were so much fun & really stood out against the basic denim dress. Orange isn't a color I wear often, but these heels might have changed my mind. How fun are they?!

Dress: old from Zara | Shoes: c/o Ego Shoes (under $50!) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Still Standing Spray c/o

In other news, we got so much wedding planning done this weekend! I'm starting the week feeling so accomplished & hope I can keep it up. I had my first dress fitting, we mailed out our invites & ordered our wedding bands! Go us!!

Michelle Paige