Guys, it is FREEZING! We were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow last week and it turned into over a foot of snow! Ever since then, it has been absolutely freezing - like I mean temperatures in the single digits & wind chills making it below zero kind of freezing. Because of that, this is what most of my outfits lately have looked like...sweaters, hats & warm boots! 

I got this cozy sweater from Aventura Clothing, a US based brand who in addition to their great clothing, offers a lot to love about their brand. First up, Aventura creates clothing & accessories that have a low environmental impact! (Keep an eye out for the 'leaf' symbol on various products on their website!) Secondly, the brand gives back to various food banks and partners with Uncommon Threads, an organization that provides new clothing to domestic violence survivors. This sweater is great for cold days, but on 4 degree days, nothing can really keep you warm - so I would recommend adding an extra layer underneath this poncho sweater. 

Also wanted to quickly mention my Ugg boots. I've been wearing them even more than usual because of the cold & always get asked about them. I got them over a year ago and thought the style had been discontinued but recently came across it again & wanted to share the news! I love this Ugg style because they have a zipper closure & are slightly more fitted than your usual pull-on Ugg boot.

Sweater: c/o Aventura | Jeans: American Eagle (on sale) | Boots: Ugg | Hat: Aerie | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Hope everyone had a happy new year! I am excited to get back in the routine of blogging after the new year. I have some fun posts planned for the upcoming months but if there is anything specific you want to see or want me to style, let me know!!

Michelle Paige