In addition to planning all of the wedding details for your big day, it's important to take extra good care of yourself in preparation for your big day. I have been stepping up my hair, skin & nail routines lately so that by the time our wedding rolls around next summer, I am in tip-top shape! (After all, these wedding photos will be around forever!!)

For my hair: I have been using pre treatments prior to washing my hair once a week. These treatments keep my hair super soft and shiny and tangle free. I also just got a tiny trim to rid my hair of the split ends. I plan to be more attentive about keeping up with regular trims over the next year. I have also been taking hair, skin & nails vitamins - I eat the gummy kind - so they are just as yummy as they are effective!

For my skin: I was so excited to receive this cleansing set from Clarisonic. It could not have arrived at a better time. I have been very diligent with my skincare routine and making sure to wash, treat and moisturize my face twice a day and with winter coming, it is more important than ever to take care of my skin! I love that the Clarisonic offers different brush heads to cleanse my skin - I have been using the Radiance brush head which works for all skin types but also for my sensitive skin and I love how gentle it is as I massage my face. The bristles move back and forth to remove dirt, oil and any other debris that your skin may have picked up during the day. I'm left with clean, refreshed feeling skin every time.

For my nails: I have been taking a short break from my normal gel manicures! I love, love, love having a manicure done but I hate chipped nails so I always get a gel mani. That being said, too many gel manicures in a row really wears down my nails so I have been taking the au-natural route over the last couple of weeks. It has given my nails a chance to breathe, get stronger & grow. I will probably pick back up with my gel manicures around the holidays & then take another break during the spring to prepare for the wedding in the summer!

Got any tips for me to help me get 'wedding ready'? Leave them in the comments section below!

Michelle Paige

PS. For all those beauty lovers out there, keep the Clarisonic in mind as a great gift to give or get for the holidays! I know my girlfriends would LOVE to receive this set! Plus, use code HERCAMPUS to receive 15% off select devices & they have a payment plan, so for less than 63 cents a day, you or a friend can get clearer looking skin! ;)

This post was done in partnership with Clarisonic & Her Campus Media. All thoughts/opinions are my own.