It's only been a few weeks but I can already tell you getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life! We have received so much love, support, happiness and sweet messages during this time & it makes us so excited for the future & all of the fun planning & events we will be having to celebrate our relationship! If you are recently engaged, congratulations - I hope you are experiencing the same emotions/feelings of joy that we are lately!!! If you are about to be engaged, I am no expert - this is my first time after all ;), but I have a few tips for you! 

1. Call your closest friends/family. Jody had planned for our immediate family members and some of our closest friends to be at the proposal site which made the night super fun & exciting and also allowed us to share the news with some of our most important people right away! As soon as we had taken photos & celebrated with the people that were in attendance, it was time to start calling, texting & face-timing the rest of our family & close friends. It was super important to me that my closest circle not find out the news via social media.

2. Get your ring sized/insured. Chances are your ring is stunning & chances are it also cost a pretty penny. Make sure you get it sized perfectly so you don't have to worry about it slipping around on your finger. ALSO if you don't have insurance on your ring, it is worth the investment! Even though I barely take my ring off, you NEVER know and the only way to be 100% sure is to have your ring insured!

3. Enjoy the moment! I'll be honest, the day after the engagement, the realness of it all started to sink in and I began to feel the pressure of wedding planning & adulting. Jody and I had a long talk about taking our time with the planning & letting things fall into place naturally. It's easy to get swept up into all of the planning right now & easy to feel pressure because people will have a ton of questions regarding your wedding & your timeline. For us, it's important to do things at our pace & enjoy each step of the process, including the step of 'just enjoy calling each other fiance(e)!'

Michelle Paige

PS. I'm going to try really hard not to overload you all with wedding planning posts, right now I'm thinking once a month. What do you all think? Also, is there anything specific that you want me to post about? Let me know!

PPS. There is a NEW tab in the LIFESTYLE heading on my blog: Wedding! Visit that space for all things wedding related :)