I'll confess, ordering clothes online can be so tough because I am constantly questioning the fit of items before I place my order. Will this be long enough on me? Will the print look as good in person as it does online? What is the closure like? The questioning goes on & on so today I wanted to share a few times that I've learned & follow while shopping online 

1. Know Your Measurements - At 5'4, I  prefer my shortest dresses to be 33" in length. Having a longer torso, I prefer tops that are 25-26" in length & when it comes to inseams on pants & jeans, 28" is the perfect ankle length on me. Grab some of your favorite fitting items & take measurements of how they fit you. Keep these measurements in mind whenever you are placing an online order.

2. Check the Size Charts - Every brand fits slightly differently, but when ordering online it can be daunting to try to decide which size to order. Rather than just assuming you are a S, M, L, read size charts like crazy when shopping online to avoid disappointment when items arrive at your door. Keep in mind your measurements (see tip 1) & you'll be able to find the perfect fitting garment every time.

3. Read Reviews -  This is the easiest way to find out what others thought about the product you are thinking about adding to cart. I love when an item has reviews & am actually more likely to purchase an item online if it is reviewed because I can find out what others thought about it, even better if the review includes a photo. (On a five star rating scale, I like to read reviews from people who gave the item 2,3,4 stars because it usually means there were elements that they liked & some that they disliked which is usually extra helpful!)

4. Pay Attention to Details - Zoom in on the photos & check out the details on the item in question. I prefer when seams match up on printed pieces so I zoom in on photos to see how the print gets cut off. (Note - even if you follow this tip, I've found that model photos & real life garments are sometimes different). I also pay attention to closures on a piece; one dress that I received, had a button closure at the shoulder instead of a zipper on the back or side (It didn't bother me too much, but I did find it to be a little strange placement so I always pay attention to the closures now). Lastly, I try to avoid white - it's one of those colors that can be very sheer at times so unless I am sure that the piece is lined, I avoid buying it when I won't have the option to try it on first.

Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Do you have any additional tips for shopping online? 
Hope you found this post helpful!

Michelle Paige