Today I'm letting you all in on a little beauty routine secret that I've been using for the last month or so: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Serum! I am really lucky to have long lashes but they lack volume & at times seem to be scarce. I had contemplated getting eyelash extensions or a lash lift, but every time I read about them, it seems like a lot of money and a lot of upkeep. 

with mascara

no mascara
When I heard about the brand Rodan + Fields, started by the doctors behind Proactiv, I was instantly interested! They now have a skincare line that focuses on using the right ingredients with the right formula in the right order for your skin! Since I am currently pretty happy with my skincare routine (although I did try the micro dermabrasion paste to exfoliate my skin!), I decided to see what additional products the brand offered! 

As soon as I came across the lash boost, I knew I had to try it! It was so easy to use - simply apply a bit of the serum on your upper lash line before bed every night. It didn't sting my eyes & dried really quickly so I barely even felt the serum after application! 

the most surprising change to me was how long my lower lashes got! 

my eyes look so creepy here, but you can really tell how long my lashes are! I need to use a Q-Tip to wipe mascara off my eyelids!

I have been applying the lash serum for just over a month now & will continue to apply it nightly, but I wanted to show my results! My lashes are definitely longer & I think I have more of them than before. I even feel like they stand out more in some of my latest blog posts - really highlighting my eyes more than before! Sadly, I was so excited to start using this product, I didn't take any before photos! But this post includes some 'after' photos.

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