When I first started working in an office after college, I was excited to have my own space, but stumped as to what to bring.  I showed up my first day with some pens, a notebook & a cute little painting of sunflowers.   Over the last couple of years, my desk has become like a second little home to me - after all, it is where I spend 8 hours a day.   Now in addition to all of my office supplies, I keep tons of last minute emergency beauty products stashed away.  Below are a few of the must haves for any working girl.


Perfume/Deodorant - This one is pretty self explanatory.  You may be looking your best at the office, but don't forget you always want to smell your best too!

Tide to Go - You wouldn't believe how often I end up using my Tide to Go stick for mini emergencies during the week. You will also turn into all of your co-workers heroes, at least once, guaranteed.

Hand Lotion - For days when the heat is blasting in your office, a good moisturizing lotion will keep your skin from getting rough & dry!

Flats - I love wearing heels or heeled boots at work but often my feet can't handle a full day of walking around in the city in heels.  A comfortable pair of flats is a must have for commuting.  This pair is foldable which is perfect for travel.

Nail File - a must have for mini nail emergencies.  All the typing I do can wreck havoc on my nails so a small nail file helps me to keep my manicures looking fresh.

Lipstick - Need a last minute pick me up before a big meeting? Or did a last minute work dinner get added to your schedule?  You'd be surprised at what a swipe of lipstick can do for your face & confidence.  This one also works as a cheek stain!

Shawl/Sweater- Heating/cooling systems in offices can be temperamental to say the least.  A cozy, neutral shawl or sweater is great for battling the AC & also looks super chic over a basic look.

Did I leave any must haves out?  What do you keep at your desk?

Michelle Paige