I've spoken before about the sun safety, especially during the summer time.  It is SO important to wear sunscreen if you will be out in the sun.  I just recently had to get a mole removed for the second time :(.  It is not a fun process & I don't want any of you to have to get any bad news from your dermatologists, so trust me when I tell you to be careful!!!

vita liberata tanning products

 That does not mean I have resorted to embracing my fair-ish skin.  I still love the look of a rich tan & glowy skin, so today I want to talk about how I get a faux glow. My favorite self tanners are from the brand Vita Liberata - a non toxic, organic luxury brand of  lotions/products to get a safe, natural looking glow without baking in the sun.

The product that started my obsession with Vita Liberata is the Tinted Self Tan Lotion. I loved the shade of golden brown that my skin turned after applying it & found it to last way longer than any self tanner I had applied previously.

vita liberata rich tinted self tan lotion

My favorite product, by far, is the NKD Skin Daily Tan Moisturizer.  This product has no smell & leaves me with a nice bronze color in just a few hours. It is great for a last minute tan for a special event or just for everyday use!  I apply this one after each shower for a subtle glow.

NKD SKN daily tan moisturizer

For the upcoming summer heat, I plan to use Vita Liberata's newly released SPF Collection! I love that these products are made with natural ingredients like almonds & passionflower oil.  Plus, VL's mantra of respect your skin, protect your skin is the best!

vita liberata SPF collection

You can read some of their safe sun tips on their blog here.

My Top 3 Tips for Applying a Self Tanner:

1. Always prep your skin.  I wouldn't recommend applying a tanning lotion without exfoliating & moisturizing your skin first.  By removing any dead or dry skin, you will have a more even tan that will also last longer.

2. Be cautious around elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles & feet. These parts of your body have more ridges, corners & wrinkles where tanner can get caught.  You can avoid orange body parts by using a regular daily moisturizer as part of your prep.  

3. Wear a mitt! I've learned the hard way, thinking 'Oh, I'm only applying a little bit of lotion' that you palms will turn orange.  It is hard to get off & it is a dead giveaway that your tan is fake.  So if your lotion comes with a mitt, be sure to wear it!

If you do happen to mess up or overdo it, just grab a warm washcloth & buff the area in small circles until the color evens out.

Have other questions?  Leave them in the comments below!

Michelle Paige

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