I have a confession to make: I almost didn't buy this jumpsuit.  On the hanger, it looked so shapeless, but I loved the petal pattern enough to bring it into the dressing room with me.  I am so happy that I trusted my gut with this one. You know those pieces where you're twirling & checking yourself out in the dressing room? This jumpsuit was one of those pieces. (Please tell me someone else does this!) 

Today's style tip for you all is to choose one piece that catches your eye, even though it might not look too great on the hanger, next time you're shopping.  You may be pleasantly surprised :) 

Jumpsuit: Kiind Of | Jacket: American Eagle | Shoes: INC | Bag: Phillip Lim | Jewelry: Michele, Coordinates Collection, Perry Street Earrings & Wanderlust & Co Cuff c/o Rocksbox (USE CODE ORSIXOXO FOR A FREE MONTH OF JEWELS)

Michelle Paige

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