It's no secret that I LOVE my denim - more specifically my jeans! I wear a pair almost everyday & definitely have brands that I favor: DL1961, Citizens of Humanity & my favorites, American Eagle! I usually stick to these brands because finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly can be so tough. (Even knowing that I love these brands, it's still tough because every pair is cut slightly differently & the washes & distressing are different on every pair.) I was recently approached by LikeAGlove, a new company who is changing the way we shop online for jeans, to try out their new technology to help shoppers find their perfect fitting jeans. The whole process was so amazing - I had to share!

A package arrived in the mail with these "smart leggings"  & a QR code to download the LikeAGlove app. Once you are set up on the app, slip on your leggings and turn them on by clicking the orange patch. Stand still & press measure in the app. Within 5 seconds, the leggings & app will sync to measure your shape & will transfer the data to the app for you to review! 

Once your measurements are recorded, a catalog of jeans will be sent to you based on your size recommendations! You can browse by brand or style & jeans are organized based on fit (the closer to 5 stars the pair is, the better the fit!). I do wish that I was able to filter my options by price or by wash since a lot of times, I shop based on price & for jeans, I often pay closer attention to color. But I did like that I was able to see the waist size & inseam right away so I focused on that.  Although I fit into 'regular' length inseams, I prefer that my jeans end around ankle length so I opted to focus on inseams that were 28 or 29 rather than 30 or higher. 

I was surprised to find that American Eagle wasn't listed as one of my top brands & knowing how much I love their denim, I immediately became skeptical. I decided to test this app by choosing a pair of jeans (Hudson) & ordering the same style (Krista, shown on the app above) in the size LikeAGlove recommended for me (waist: 25, inseam: 28) and the size I would normally order for myself (waist: 24, inseam: 29). The only other difference between the pairs was the wash. One pair is in the shade 'crest fall' & one pair is in the shade 'delilah.' 

Hudson Krista: size 24 waist (my usual size); 29 inseam

Hudson Krista: size 25 waist (recommendation from LikeAGlove); 28 inseam

I'm not one to like to admit when I'm wrong (just ask J, LOL) but I have to admit, LikeAGlove nailed it with my sizing. The 25 waist fit perfectly, hit at my ankle and had a ton of stretch so they didn't bag or sag after wearing them for hours. The 24 wasn't awful, but they were a little tighter than I usually like. So bravo, LikeAGlove, I'm a believer in this app! Next up, I think I'm going to try ordering a pair of flare jeans! 

Interested in learning more about LikeAGlove? Visit their website here

Michelle Paige