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Today I want to take a quick moment to share a few products that I add to my everyday tote bag once the weather gets cooler.  Fall/winter weather not only means dry skin, but also means being surrounded by more runny noses and sick bodies.

Along with the usual wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. that everyone typically carries, during the fall & winter I like to add a couple of warm weather accessories and a few health and wellness products from Walmart to keep me feeling my best on-the-go.

The main difference between what I carry in the spring/summer & what I carry in the fall/winter is the addition of a few essential products to keep me healthy all season long.  All 3 products that I carry are easy to consume, easy to carry and easy to find - all are available at your local Walmart store!

 I am obsessed with Centrum Vitamints and normally I take them at home each morning, but with illnesses flying around during the winter, I love to keep the bottle in my bag for on-the-go access.  This Centrum product tastes like a mint but is actually an adult multi-vitamin.  Perfect for killing two birds with one stone; getting all your essential vitamins with a refreshing minty taste!

 Emergen-C has been one of my go-to products for immune support for a while now; but I just recently found out about Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables. I am convinced these chewable tablets leave you with more healthy days and more healthy nights to fully allow everyone to "Let Your Healthy Out." 

One of the top used products in my makeup bag during the fall/winter is ChapStick Total Hydration.  It should be called 'total lifesaver' for moisturized, healthy lips during cold, dry weather.  I love that this chapstick is 100% natural and made with argan oil and avocado butter for extra moisture!

Lastly, in order to protect my hands (as well as keep myself safe from all those subway germs), I start wearing gloves super early in the season.  That way I can avoid touching those germ-filled subway poles and also keep my hands from getting dry and cracked from the cold air and wind. A good moisturizing lotion helps protect my hands too.

What's in your bag this season?  
Pick up my essentials at your nearest Walmart store.

Michelle Paige