I pride myself on my quick makeup routine in the summer.  Normally it includes a bit of concealer, a touch of blush/bronzer and a whole lot of mascara.  However, come winter time, my tan fades and my make up routine needs to step up it's game a bit to cover my skin imperfections.  

Enter Concealer Wardrobing.  Yes, that's right, just like with clothing, I have a wardrobe of concealers, which each perform a different job on an area of my face. Today, I am so excited to team up with People Style Watch & Ulta Beauty to share my top concealers for 3 main problem areas. 

murad acne treatment concealer

Concealer is a daily must have in my make up routine.  Even on weekends when I am just running around town or relaxing at home, I add a bit of concealer to my face to hide my skin's unevenness and imperfections.   During the week, I take my concealing a bit more seriously.  I use various concealer formulas to disguise 3 main problems areas on my face (don't worry, each one takes less than a minute to apply!): 

concealers for covering blemishes

Cover up Blemishes.  I am #blessed to have hormonal skin that loves to break out in the same area, around the same time of the month, every month.  Luckily, a full coverage concealer, like the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, fully covers up any and all red spots to help me fake an even, blemish free complexion. Murad Treatment Concealer is another favorite of mine, since it is made with Salicylic Acid which helps fight acne while you wear it! 

amazing cosmetics perfection stick

eye brightening concealers

Brighten under the Eyes. Since I often want my eyes to be the main focal point of my face, I use a secondary lightweight concealer for under my eyes to conceal any shadows or dark circles. Nothing works better than the BareMinerals Eye Brightener concealer. I love that it only takes a little bit of product to make me look well-rested.  Two of my favorite on the go products are Benefit's Fake Up concealer, which I have been carrying in my bag for years, and Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick.  They are lightweight formulas, and easy to carry products for when you need a quick on the go touch up to your eyes, or any part of your face that needs a little extra concealing ;)

highlight concealers

amazing cosmetics face primer

Contour & Highlight. I have recently started playing around with contouring and highlighting makeup techniques on my face and have learned that you don't need those expensive contour/highlight sets to get that definition.  You can easily fake a good highlight with a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone and a bit luminous. Benefit Boi-ing compact is an eye brightening concealer that I think looks great when used right under the eyebrow & at the corners of the eye to add some highlight to your eyes.  The Amazing Cosmetics Primer goes on clear, but adds a dewy sheen to your face that will give your cheekbones a nice glow. 

Note: you can achieve the opposite effect of contouring with a concealer that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone applied just below the cheekbone!

This photo made me LOL.  Who's the focus of this photo??! ;)

What's your favorite concealer? Do you use more than one during your daily make up routine?

Michelle Paige

This post is done in partnership with Ulta Beauty & People Style Watch.  All thoughts/opinions are my own.